Let the Disruption Begin

Welcome to ” The Age of Disruption”

This blog aims to be the authoritative commentary on the world of disruptive technology, and the human impact both positive and negative.

The drive to produce this blog is based on my own experience of being downsized in the last recession(2009/10) and then as a result of changes in the economy ending up being structurally unemployed ( living in a place where appropriate jobs are no longer available)  But a place where my wife has a stable and good job.  Moving breaks her career for the sake of my career, so its not really an option.

I had a very traditional career, an accounting professional; a somewhat traditional education, an MBA taken online; and a traditional 9-5 managerial job…That was 5 years ago.

In the interim I have been a contingent worker, working several short-term gigs in my profession and running a couple of small sideline businesses.  I have also started to educate myself on using the WWW, Cloud Technologies, and Social Media to earn an online living.  I am amazed at what you can learn on line or very affordably with Groupon’s, yes technology is disrupting traditional learning as well.

I am just starting out on the journey, I am still earning the majority of my income from a somewhat more traditional contract “JOB”, but the goal for 2015 is to earn 10% of my income from online sources and to become a referenced source of knowledge on technology economic and social disruption.

My motto is ” Work Any Place, Any Time, on Any Device” using technology.

If you or your company has a disruptive technology please write to me and we will discuss its impact.  I would love to feature it in this blog.

My new venture will be a company called “Digital Matrix Social Analytics”


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