Everything is Getting Disrupted

When I started this blog, I was worried that I would have difficulty finding things to write about.  What has happened is the exact opposite, I am finding multiple things to write about, and very much so got bogged down in research.

I started writing about how self service activities such as Airline Check in and Banking have disrupted employment, and lost the source article, so I will have to get back to that one, in short, huge amounts of employment disruption.

I have discovered how Education is being disrupted at the higher levels, and how it will be disrupted at the grade school levels in the near future.

Please view this documentary on Technotopia, Its 45 minutes and it is about the future brought to you by the visionaries of Silicon Valley, These guys see whole new countries, currencies, and even governments all as a result of technology.

So what will be disrupted:

  • Money & Payments between People & Companies
  • Real Estate Services
  • Banking Services
  • Government Services & Governance Itself
  • Education – Primarily Post Secondary
  • IT Programming
  • End-User Computing Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution & Logistics Services
  • Taxis
  • Employment
  • Office/Working Hours…including Location
  • Social Services
  • Energy / Utilities Consumption
  • Design & Creative Processes
  • Advertising
  • Television & Broadcasting
  • Print Media- News Papers, Yellow Pages Directories
  • Virtually anywhere there are excess profits through middleman (Brokerage) transactions
  • Anywhere where legislation or regulation are creating service inefficiencies but excess profits for those protected by the regulations.

I look forward to engaging with you in the disruption.


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