Disrupted – The Traditional Work Week

The connected world is not something new, back in the day, I had a Palm Pilot for work, the coolest feature is that it kept you organized with your other team members and assisted in coordinating activities.  It was also cool that outside of the work environment and periodic syncing, it didn’t bother you after hours.

Team of business people working

Next came the CrackBerry – the name says it all as so many business executives became addicted to being connected.

Part of my mantra is Any Device, Any Time, Any Place; but make no mistake this does not mean that I am working 24/7.  It does mean that you can get a hold of me all the time, just don’t expect an answer back right away if you happen to send me something while I’m on my off shift time.  In fact I would say that about 90% of my work is done in an asynchronous fashion.  There are very few matters that are life or death emergencies in business that can’t wait a couple of hours for attention, and in most cases, once you put your attention on them a couple of hours later, they have somehow resolved themselves.

In a 24/7 connected world it is important to set boundaries in your life, one of the main reasons that I am now working in this fashion is to have more time for family and personal matters.  During the work day it can get very blurry as to what I might be doing at any given point in time, but there are times when I simply won’t answer my phone or respond to text or email.

The one thing that is important is to ensure that you do have some core hours, whatever they may be, that customers and colleagues can contact you during.  Then when you are outside of those hours, clients and colleagues know that they may have to wait on you for a bit.

If you work across many time zones you may want to have a couple of times a day


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